Claudia Tenney & The Issues


You deserve to keep what you earn. Upstate New York and communities in the 22nd Congressional District have some of the highest combined taxes on personal income, businesses, and property in the entire nation. That is unacceptable.  I will fight in Washington to lower your tax burden and spend your tax dollars wisely – and never fund Obamacare, abortion, and wasteful spending projects that enrich crony capitalists and special interests at the expense of the hardworking families of New York’s 22nd District. I voted for the largest Middle Class tax cut in nearly 60 years in New York State and unlike my opponent, who voted to raise the average tax bill of a worker in the district by over $1000, I never have and never will vote for a tax increase.

The Constitution

Our Founding Fathers envisioned a government guided by laws, not ruled by men. They designed a system with constitutional checks on power of politicians and I hold their legacy to be sacred. We must return to constitutional governance and limited government. Too often politicians at the federal level empower federal bureaucrats over local communities and families. I will fight every intrusion into local and state rights and insist on a return to system where the rights of the people are paramount as set forth in the Tenth Amendment.


President Obama’s healthcare law is destroying jobs and livelihoods across New York State. I will fight to see it is defunded, repealed and replaced with a system that focuses on patient choice and greater accountability.  We need to empower patients and doctors to make decisions, instead of the top-down government knows best model that defines Obamacare. No one should have to buy a government mandated product they don’t want or need. The entire Obamacare experience is an indictment of a corrupt DC culture that seeks to dictate how we care for ourselves and our loved ones.  I have voted to against the implementation of Obamacare in New York State and unlike my opponent, will never vote to fund Obamacare when I am in Congress.  It is a failed system that should be replaced as soon as possible and defunded so that it can wreak no more havoc on our healthcare system.

 National Security and our Armed Services

As a proud Marine Mom, I take very seriously the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform and will fully fund their needs. It is our Constitutional duty to provide for the National Defense and I will work to see that we provide the resources and means for our military to carry out their mission and achieve victory wherever and whenever they are asked to put their lives on the line.  Under the Obama Administration, our national security has been sacrificed time and time again. Weakness does not bring peace, and we can only live in a peaceful world when our enemies know we will do what we say and our allies trust us to stand up for them when necessary.

The Second Amendment

Our Founders enshrined our rights to self-defense and the right to keep in bear arms to guard against tyranny from our own government and I will fight every day to see that those rights are protected.  I fought against Cuomo’s unconstitutional so-called SAFE Act and was the first member of the Assembly to introduce legislation to repeal the law entirely.  It is an intrusion on our rights and must be stopped.  I also am a member of the National Rifle Association and New York State Rifle and Pistol Association.   I have a perfect 100 rating with NRA, New York State Rifle and Pistol Association and Gun Owners of America.

Debt, Deficits and the Budget

Our federal government has grown too large, too intrusive and too burdensome. The number one reason for this is that the federal government has strayed far from our Founder’s intent of limited, efficient and representative government. We must rein in spending and balance our budget now, not tomorrow or in some distant future.  Like every family in the 22nd District, Congress must live within its means and spend less than what it takes in and return all those savings to taxpayers.  The Government Accountability Office (GAO) identified over $100 billion in waste and fraud across the giant federal bureaucracy every year – that is unacceptable while we are piling up debt our children and grandchildren will have to pay back.  We should never raise the debt ceiling, and unlike my opponent who twice voted to raise the debt ceiling without spending cuts, until we reform the bureaucracy and cut spending.  I will work to right-size the federal bureaucracy and cut wasteful and unnecessary spending. In Congress, I will work to reform and reduce our entitlement culture including budget-busting Obamacare.

Life and Abortion

I am Pro-Life. I have no caveats or hand-wringing about that. We need to build a culture of life and eliminate horrors like abortion on demand. We should work to improve our foster and adoption system. In the mean time, I will work to end federal funding for America’s number one abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, which my opponent voted to fund using your tax dollars. I will vote to ban the horror of late term abortion, which my opponent supports.  I will work to ban gender-specific abortion, a terrible misogynistic practice that kills millions of baby girls every year in this country and around the world.  And I will never allow tax dollars to fund Obamacare abortion, sadly something my opponent also supports.

Jobs and the Economy

Upstate New York used to be the envy of the world – with a thriving manufacturing and agriculture base supporting hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs.  We can build that economy again. Unfortunately, high unemployment and job losses continue with a stubbornly high 8% unemployment rate and many more underemployed.  As a small business owner in the district, I know what the tax and regulatory burdens from Washington mean for our small businesses including our family farms.  We must roll back the regulatory state, and end the tax and spend mentality that has burdened our job creators.  That starts with Obamacare and stretches throughout agencies like EPA which saddled our farmers and manufacturers with unreasonable expenses and rules that drive jobs out of our state.  I will work side-by-side with small business owners and farmers, the dual backbone of our economy, to relieve those burdens and bring well-paying jobs to our community.


We are a nation of immigrants and our immigration system is broken. It’s a real shame that hardworking aspiring Americans wait in line for years to even get a hearing while millions of others break our laws. I do not support amnesty or endorse law-breaking in our immigration system. Millions of Americans are out of work and politicians in Washington, like my opponent, want to bring in millions more to take high-paying, high tech jobs we desperately need here and for our American citizens.  We can and will reform our system without rewarding law-breaking, encouraging more illegal immigration, or displacing hardworking Americans from jobs.