African Daisy

African Daisy

The African Daisy is a perennial plant that belongs to the genus Gerbera. It is a member of the Asteraceae family, and was first described by J.D. Hooker in 1889. The plant is commonly known by other names, including the Barberton daisy and the Transvaal daisy.

Harlequin Mix

The Harlequin Mix is an annual in the Arctotus genus, which grows in the savannas of southern Africa. Its large, brilliantly coloured flowers are divided into contrasting zones. The plant is compact and is a good choice for container planting. It grows to about fifteen inches in height and 18 inches in width.

Its flowers are large and are available in a variety of colours, ranging from red to orange to purple. The African Daisy is a hardy perennial that prefers well-drained garden soil. Ensure that it is situated in a sunny spot. It will flower for about 10 weeks, until the first frosts.

Tetra Polar Star

A beautiful annual, the Tetra Polar Star African Daisy is a good choice for any family garden. It can reach 20 to 50 cm in height and grow either upright or creeping. Its long branching stems make it ideal for vase-grown arrangements. This species is safe to keep near pets, especially dogs and cats.

This perennial herbaceous plant has purple-capped flowers and large, white leaves. The flower is about 7 cm across and produces numerous petals. The seed capsule is purple. This daisy is a dependable and beautiful plant. The stems are sturdy and the leaves are glossy. Its blooms last for a long time, and are attractive all year round.

In addition to the Tetra Polar Star African Daisy, you can grow a host of other species and varieties. Some of these include: Asclepias tuberosa, Achillea ‘Purple Rain’, Echinacea ‘Purple Coneflower’, Heuchera ‘Blue Hill’, Heuchera ‘Roter Stern’, Heuchera ‘Peter Harrison’, Heuchera ‘Cherries Jubilee’, and Solidago ‘Peter Pan’


Harlequin African Daisy is a beautiful native plant from Africa. It is often grown as a ground cover, bank cover, or border plant. This daisy has a bright sheen to its flowers and is best suited to a warm, sunny location. It is tolerant of moderate frost and will grow in most garden conditions.

The Harlequin cultivar features large, brilliant flowers with contrasting zones. It’s also hardy, making it a good choice for any garden. It grows up to a foot in width in one season. It’s a perennial in tropical areas, but makes a fine annual in temperate areas. In addition to its flower power, this plant saves water.

African Daisies are happy flowers that will bring a smile to any sunny garden. The blooms are long lasting and are available in a variety of colors. They’re best grown in a sunny area and are adaptable to most garden soils. Make sure the soil is well-drained and keep watering to a minimum. African Daisy can be sown directly into the ground. A soluble fertilizer should be applied every two weeks to ensure the plant blooms well.