Electronic Gas Volume Corrector

Electronic Gas Volume Corrector

Gas volume corrector devices are used to calculate, sum and determine the gas volume increments measured by the gas meter. For this purpose, it uses the gas volume measured by the gas meter and other parameters such as gas pressure and temperature as input and calculates the actual used gas consumption.

Honeywell EC350 PTZ

Honeywell’s new EC350 PTZ electronic gas volume corrector is designed to streamline industrial measurement. It offers best in class accuracy and advanced diagnostics. This system includes an integrated cellular communications option for remote meter monitoring.

The EC350 PTZ instrument is a UMB- and rotary-mount gas measurement device. It combines a rotary meter with a mechanical totalizer to accurately measure natural gas delivered to industrial customers. With the EC350 PTZ gas volume corrector, operators can reduce the number of site visits and increase overall operational efficiency.

In addition to accurate and reliable measurement, the EC350 PTZ has integrated cellular communications. It is pre-configured with a activated cellular radio and ready for use with Total Data Services PowerSpring meter data management software. For enhanced security, the EC350 PTZ complies with a strict cyber security standard.

Honeywell’s EC 350 PTZ is ideal for measuring natural gas delivered to industrial customers. It features best in class accuracy, expanded memory and advanced diagnostics. It also simplifies custody transfer with a rotary-mount design.

MICRO-C series

Measuring the volume of gas passing through a gas meter with precision requires specialized technology, such as an electronic gas volume corrector (EVC). The MICRO-C series EVC is a highly accurate tool that utilizes a universal battery to read pulses from a gas meter, allowing for highly accurate measurements. The device is not only able to size up a gas meter, but also perform a variety of other tasks, such as verifying gas quantity and regulating gas flow. Despite its advanced capabilities, the MICRO-C series EVC offers excellent value for its price, providing premium features at a cost-effective price.

The MICRO-C series EVC also comes with a user-friendly interface that provides easy access to its various functions, such as a comprehensive measurement database, data logging capabilities, and a user-oriented control panel. The device is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, making it perfect for professionals in the natural gas industry. Additionally, the device is built to last, with an industry-leading warranty providing peace of mind for even the most demanding of natural gas applications. making the MICRO-C series EVC a reliable and efficient choice in the natural gas industry. source: https://www.rmftek.com/advanced-data-concentrator-and-router/


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