Mediterranean Catering

From Hummus to Falafel: The Best Mediterranean Catering Ideas for Any Occasion

If you’re looking for a unique and flavorful catering idea for your next event, Mediterranean cuisine is the way to go. With its diverse and delicious dishes, there’s something to please everyone’s taste buds. From classic appetizers like hummus and baba ghanoush to entrees like shawarma and falafel, the options are endless. And the best part? Mediterranean catering can be tailored to suit any occasion, whether it be a corporate event, birthday party, or wedding reception.

One of the most popular options for Mediterranean catering is a hummus bar. With a variety of flavors like classic, roasted red pepper, and spicy, there’s something for everyone. Serve it with an assortment of vegetables, pita bread, and crackers, and you’ve got a tasty and healthy snack option for your guests.

Another crowd-pleaser is the mezze platter. These small plates are similar to tapas and can include a variety of dips, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and meats. They’re perfect for grazing and can accommodate a range of dietary restrictions.

For a heartier option, consider a shawarma station. Guests can choose their protein – chicken, beef, or lamb – and build their own pita or wrap with toppings like hummus, tahini sauce, veggies, and pickles. It’s a fun and interactive way to serve a delicious Mediterranean favorite.

Kebab skewers are another great option. Made with chicken, beef, lamb, or veggies, they’re easy to eat and can be served with a variety of sauces. They’re perfect for a cocktail-style event or as a main dish.

And last but not least, a falafel bar is always a crowd-pleaser. Serve this vegetarian favorite with a variety of toppings like tahini sauce, pickled veggies, and hot sauce. And for a fun twist, serve them as sliders instead of the traditional pita bread.

Mediterranean catering is a delicious and unique way to impress your guests at any occasion. With these catering ideas, you’re sure to have a crowd-pleasing spread that everyone will love.

Hummus Bar

A hummus bar is a great option for any Mediterranean catering event. Hummus is a versatile dip that can be flavored in many different ways, making it a crowd-pleaser. Some popular flavors include classic, roasted red pepper, and spicy. The hummus can be served with a variety of accompaniments, such as assorted vegetables, pita bread, and crackers. Guests can customize their own plates, making it a fun and interactive option.

Mezze Platters

Mediterranean Catering

If you want to offer your guests a variety of small plates, Mezze Platters are a must-have on your Mediterranean catering menu. Similar to tapas, these platters typically include an assortment of dips, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and meats. Popular dips include hummus, baba ghanoush, tzatziki, or muhammara. Fruits and vegetables can range from sliced cucumbers and tomatoes to stuffed grape leaves and marinated olives. Cheeses like feta or halloumi make a great addition, and meats like lamb or chicken can be served as skewers or in meatballs.

Mezze platters are perfect for grazing, allowing guests to mix and match their favorites with ease. They are also a great option for accommodating a range of dietary restrictions, as there are plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options available. Don’t be afraid to get creative and mix and match different flavors and textures to create a unique and delicious spread for your guests to enjoy!

Shawarma Station

A shawarma station is a great addition to any Mediterranean catering spread. Guests will love the smell of chicken, beef or lamb being grilled and carved straight from the rotisserie. It’s a fun and interactive way for guests to build their own pita or wrap with a variety of toppings to choose from, like creamy hummus, tangy tahini sauce, crunchy veggies and pickles. The versatility of this dish makes it perfect for any type of event, from a more casual gathering to a formal affair, as it can be served as a main dish or as a smaller dish for appetizers.

  • Choose between chicken, beef or lamb
  • Carved straight from the rotisserie
  • Guests can build their own wrap or pita
  • Assorted toppings like hummus, tahini sauce, veggies and pickles
  • Can be served as a main dish or appetizer

Kebab Skewers

Kebab skewers are a must-have at any Mediterranean catering event. Made with your choice of meat or vegetables, they are colorful, easy to eat, and delicious. Guests can choose from a variety of sauces to pair with their kebabs, such as tzatziki or garlic aioli. Not only are they a tasty option, but they also add a fun and lively element to any cocktail-style event. With a variety of options available, everyone can find a kebab skewer that suits their taste preferences.

When preparing kebab skewers, it’s important to choose the right type of meat or vegetables to skewer. Chicken, beef, lamb, and vegetables like bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms are all great choices. The meat or vegetables should be marinated to add flavor and tenderness before being threaded onto the skewers. Kebabs can be grilled, roasted, or baked, depending on your preference.

  • Kebabs are a versatile option that can suit a variety of dietary needs and restrictions.
  • They can be served as a main dish or as an appetizer at events.
  • Guests can customize their kebab skewers with a variety of sauces and toppings.
  • Kebabs are a colorful addition to any Mediterranean spread and will definitely impress your guests.

Falafel Bar

Mediterranean Catering

A falafel bar is a great way to add some flavor and excitement to your Mediterranean catering spread. Falafel is a crispy and flavorful vegetarian dish made with chickpeas and herbs. The beauty of a falafel bar is that guests can get creative with their toppings. Some popular options include tahini sauce, pickled veggies, and hot sauce. For added variety, you can also offer different types of bread such as pita or slider buns. This gives guests the chance to customize their falafel sandwich to their liking. You can also make the presentation of the falafel bar fun and engaging by providing mini skewers for your guests to skewer their own falafel or have a build-your-own station where guests can mix and match toppings. With the versatility of falafel, your guests will be sure to enjoy this Mediterranean favorite.

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