How Much Money Do You Need Per Day in Spain?

When you’re traveling in Spain, you’ll need to have a good idea of how much money you need for transport, food, and accommodation. There are many ways to get around, including public transportation, long-distance coaches, and trains. In addition, you’ll need to rent a car.

Cost of food

Although prices in Spain are high compared to other European countries, you can still find some cheap meals. Most foods, especially fruit and vegetables, are much cheaper in Spain than in the Northern European countries. You can also get cheaper fruit and vegetables if you buy them in season. Generally, you should budget between twenty to thirty euros per person for a three-course meal.

One of the most inexpensive meals in Spain is paella, a rice dish flavored with saffron and vegetables. Paella is widely available in Spain and costs around ten to twenty euros per serving. However, some restaurants may charge as much as 50 euros for a single dish!

How Much Money Do You Need Per Day in Spain?

Cost of transportation

If you’re planning to visit Spain, you’ll want to consider the cost of transportation. While a train ticket in Spain can be pricey, fares for buses and metros are relatively inexpensive. The cost of a regular bus or metro ride is usually less than two euros. In addition, you can purchase a monthly ticket for a relatively low price, or a multi-ride ticket to save even more money.

Public transport is an affordable and efficient way to get around Spain, and most cities have buses that run 24 hours a day. Taxi cabs are another affordable and reliable option. In cities like Madrid and Barcelona, taxis can be easily spotted with their diagonal red stripe on their front doors.

Cost of accommodation

The cost of accommodation in Spain varies significantly depending on location. A typical private room in a city can cost up to EUR40 per night. However, apartments in small towns are much more affordable. If you want to save money, try sharing an apartment. The other residents of the flat will probably share common areas, but you’ll have your own room.

Since Spain is a large country, property costs vary significantly between regions and cities. Along the coast, property prices tend to be higher. Short -term summer rentals can be among the most expensive real estate in Spain, but long-term leases are usually less expensive.

Cost of renting a car

Renting a car in Spain is not as expensive as renting a car in the United States. It

costs around 20 Euro per day, and a few extra euros may be needed for parking. Tolls are not common in Spain, but you should be prepared to pay them if you want to drive on a toll road. It is advisable to carry coins or a credit card with a chip. If possible, you can save on parking by paying online before your trip. Also, public transport can help you save money on parking. A bus between Seville and Andalucia and a train between Barcelona and Madrid can cost less than 20 Euro. It’s also a good idea to check local ordinances before parking in public areas.

To get the most value for your money, rent a smaller car than you would in the U.S. A smaller car requires less fuel and is more practical for busy urban areas. In Spain, you can also rent automatic cars but they cost more than manual ones. Moreover, you should always book your car in advance and compare prices online.

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